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Sun Consulting, PO Box 26693, Collegeville, PA.  DIRECTOR, CONSULTANT, CURRICULUM SPECIALIST.  (610) 420-0284.  1995 - PresentConduct peer-to-peer training, consultation and facilitation to individuals and organizations. Curriculum included Basic and Advanced Community Organizing, Leadership Development, Getting and Keeping people Involved, Creating Community/University Collaborations, Involving Residents in Multi-Family Housing,  Outreach and Marketing, Community Organizing, Building Diverse Communities, Strategic Planning, Program  Development, Board Development, Youth Leadership, Involving Youth in Your Organization, Resource Development, Youth and Seniors Working Together, Measuring the Effects of Community Development, Effective Facilitation, Showing Others What They Already Know, How to Motivate Others, etc.


  • Inglewood Neighborhood Housing Services, Inglewood, CA, 2003 - 2004.  - Provide organizing training and technical assistance to the staff, and resident leaders of three neighborhood districts.   Training included Building Successful Collaborations and Strategic Planning.

  • Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA, 2004. - Instructed CIE Class on the Importance of Values in Community.

  • Organizing Apprenticeship Project, Minneapolis, MN, 2004. - Provided Organizing training to OAP's Organizing Class of 2004.  Training included Defining Problems and Issues, Creating a Campaign, and Effective Actions.

  • Housing Partnership of West Palm Beach, FL, 2004. - Provided organizing technical assistance to the Organizing staff of HP and the Pahoke center.

  • The HomeOwnership Center, Utica, NY, 2001 -2004. - Provided organizing training and technical assistance to the staff of the center, and resident leaders of four neighborhood associations.   Guest speaker at three neighborhood association meetings.  See also

  • Community Housing Services of Wichita, KS, 2004. -  Provided organizing training and technical assistance to the staff of the center, and facilitated strategic planning sessions for resident leaders of three neighborhood associations.

  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, Resident Leadership Initiatives, Boston, MA, 2004. - Created report on Effective Practices of Organizations throughout the Neighborworks Network.  

  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Training Institute, Washington, DC, 2004. - Co-Emcee at Community Organizer Symposium.  Assisted in the design of the Plenary Session for the Symposium.   Instructor at Community Leadership Institutes in Kansas City, KS and Los Angeles, CA.  Training included Involving Residents in MultiFamily Housing, and Getting and Keeping People Involved.

  • Norristown Literacy Council, Norristown, PA, 2003. - Facilitated Strategic Planning Session for Board of Directors.

  • Commonwealth Tenants Association, Brighton, MA, 1999 - 2003, Facilitated Association's Board Retreat.  Provided training in Board Development, Facilitation Skills, Parliamentary Procedures, Roberts' Rules, Community Outreach, Issue Development, and How to Run Effective Board Meetings.

  • CTWO, Oakland, CA, 1997 -1999 - Consultant /Rover for the Minority Activist Apprenticeship Program.  Provided Door knocking training, Basic Organizing Strategies, and Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality in the Organizing Workplace.

  • Direct Action for Rights and Equality (D.A.R.E.),  Providence, RI, 2000 - Facilitated a series of meetings that lead to the development of D.A.R.E.'s strategic plan.

  • Lemon Hill Community Organization (LHCO), Sacramento, CA 1996 - Helped write and prepare grant proposal for LHCO's Healthy Start Initiative.

  • Rural California Housing Corporation (RCHC), Sacramento, CA 1995 - Provided a workshop to residents on Community Outreach Strategies.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation (NRC), Boston, MA.  MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (RESIDENT LEADERSHIP SPECIALIST).  1998 - 2003.  Provided funding, training and technical assistance to a network of over 230 Affordable Housing Organizations nationwide.  Developed and administered programs such as the Community Organizing Pilot program, The Community Organizing Symposium, NRC’s MultiFamily Initiative’s Resident Leadership Clinic, and regional Community Leadership Institutes.  Developed a network of resources, created educational tools, developed a cadre of community leaders, and facilitated sessions and workshops at local, regional and national seminars, as well as to staff and community residents of NRC’s network Organizations.

Consulting and Technical Assistance through Neighborhood Reinvestment included:

  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Massillon, OH - Provided tools and training to increase the leadership capacity of the SE Neighborhood Association .  Provided Board Training to the NHS Board.

  • Neighborhood Partners of Kankakee, IL - Provided leadership training to members of three neighborhood associations.

  • Rural Opportunities Inc., Rochester, NY.  - Provided Strategic planning and leadership training to the Staff and neighborhood leaders.

  • NHS of Jamaica, NY - Provided Leadership Training to leaders of various neighborhood associations.

  • NHS of Elgin, IL - Guest speaker at Elgin's Neighborhood Fest.

  • NHS of Manchester, NH. - Provded strategic planning to staff and leaders of their multi-family communities.

  • Nuestra Communidad, Roxbury, MA.  -  Provided Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance to the staff and leaders of their multi-family community.

  • Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, CT - Provided Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance to the staff and leaders of their multi-family community.

  • Urban Edge, Roxbury, MA.  -  Provided Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance to the staff and leaders of their multi-family community.


Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, Boston, MA.  TRAINER, Community Leadership and Organizing Center  (CLOC).  1997 - 1998.  Provided training and technical assistance to Community Development Corporations (CDCs) in the Boston Area. Developed curriculum and conducted workshops through CLOC’s Leadership Development and Self-Sufficiency programs. Provided weekly leadership trainings for 35+ leaders from cdc's. Conducted organizer trainings for 10 cdc organizers.

Consulting and Technical Assistance through MBHP included:

  • Franklin Park Tenants Association, Roxbury, MA.  - Provided Technical Assistance and Leadership Training to leaders of the association.

  • Commonwealth Tenants Association, Brighton, MA - Provided Board training and technical assistance to the board and staff of CTA.

  • Washington Heights Tenant Association, Roxbury, MA. - Provided Board training and technical assistance to the board and staff.

  • Fenway CDC - Boston, MA - Instructed "Personal Success" program with CDC residents.

  • Sonoma - Maple Tenants Association, Roxbury, MA.  -  Provided Board training and technical assistance to the board and staff.

Sacramento Mutual Housing Association, Sacramento,  CA.  RESIDENT ORGANIZER. 1995-1997.  Responsible for mobilizing diverse residents and youth to develop resident councils and various committees within three multi-family housing developments.  Created tools that enhanced leadership development. Oriented new residents to the Mutual Housing model.  Worked closely with community organizations and marketed SMHA throughout the community.  Supervised four Vista volunteers during the development of two youth councils.

Center for Third World Organizing, Oakland, CA. STAFF ORGANIZER FOR SACRAMENTO PROJECT.  1993-1995.  Developed a new direct-action grassroots organization in Sacramento, CA.  Skills utilized included door knocking, committee development, leadership development, house meetings, actions, fund-raising, grant writing, community outreach, resource and allied development.

Peoples’ Action Coalition, Dunkirk, NY. PROJECT COORDINATOR.  1991-1993.  Responsible for grant writing, board development, committee development, neighborhood actions, campaign development, training, and organizational development.

Chautauqua County Rural Ministry, Dunkirk, NY.  HOMELESS COORDINATOR.  1990-1991.  Developed plans with homeless clients daily to seek permanent shelter.  Advocated for clients relating to homeless issues and direct services.  Worked closely with Dept. of Social Services to provide benefits for clients.


Neighborhood Reinvestment Training Institute: 1995 - 2004.  Courses included Top Notch Training Development, Creating Your Neighborhood’s Image, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Developing a Comprehensive Community Revitalization Strategy, Marketing Your Organization, Asset Management for Residents, Involving Youth in Your Neighborhoods Revitalization Strategy, Property Management.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Community Leadership Institute: 1995-1997.  Courses included Developing Effective Coalitions, Reinventing Your Neighborhood’s Image, Organizing and Development, Involving Youth, etc.  

YouthWorks Workshop (Salt Lake City NHS): Salt Lake City, 1996.  Training included Identifying Youth Issues, Involving Youth.

Community Organizer Symposium (Neighborhood Reinvestment): Boston. MA, 1996. Courses included Building Effective Coalitions, Understanding Organizing and Development, Creating Effective Issues.

Applied Research Training: Applied Research Center, Oakland California,  January - April 1995.  Training included Issue Research, Library Research, Action Research, Data Manipulation, Developing and Presenting Effective Propaganda.  

Community Partnership Program (Center for Third World Organizing): Oakland, CA 1993 - 1994.  Studied Advance techniques in Campaign Development, Small Group Discussions, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Board Development.

Minority Activist Apprenticeship Program (AKA - Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program) 1992.  Field and classroom training included Door knocking, Campaign Planning, Action Planning, Evaluation, Grassroots Fundraising, One on Ones, Preparing and Implementing House meetings, Issue Research, and Teamwork.

YouthBuild USA Conference:  Somerville, MA 1991.  Training included Involving Youth, Involving Youth in Organizations, and Youth "Adultism."



Literacy Council of Norristown, PA, Board member (2004)

Massachusetts Association of CDCs RHICO Steering Committee, 2002 - 2003; Selection Committee; 2000 - 2001

Haymarket People's Fund, Funding Board (1998 - 2000); Board Coordinator, 2000

Peace Action national board member (1996 - 1997)

Sacramento/Yolo Peace Action Board Member (1994 - 1996)

Sacramento Housing Alliance (1993 - 1995); Voter Registration Committee Chair - 1994

Literacy Volunteers of America tutor 1990 - 1991

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