SUN Consulting & Associates supports and strengthens
community-based organizations, neighborhood
associations, and community businesses by (1) helping
them improve their organizational environment, (2)
effectively build their staff and volunteers’ capacity, and (3)
consulting with staff and leaders to efficiently implement
their everyday tasks. SUN Consulting brings over 30 years
of professional experience in successfully providing training
and physical resources for non-profit and for-profit sector
groups and individuals in areas including Community
Political Organizing, Leadership Development,
Membership Recruitment, Organizational Development,
Campaign Development, Strategic Planning and Allied
Development (
Labor and Community Coalition building)
Specialized trainings
based on the needs of
your organization.
Retreats for organization
members and boards
Designing successful
collaborations between your
organization and neighbors,
businesses, agencies, unions.
Snapshot what
we do at SUN
Consulting and
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