Elected Principal Officer of California Local AFL-CIO
recommends Wendall Chin
Dear Friends:

It is my pleasure to recommend Wendall Chin.

Wendall was hired in 2004 as a consultant and then political organizer at the Labor Council. He has played a
key role in electoral campaigns in eight elections since then, from volunteer recruitment for the Fremont
Assembly race to precinct targeting in Oakland City Council special elections to critical coalition building work
in the Dellums Mayoral race.

I’d like to highlight his work in 2004’s West Oakland Votes program, where a special satellite office drew 300
volunteer shifts in four final days of get-out-the-vote activity and resulted in strong progressive vote totals on
health care and three-strikes ballot measures. Wendall brought together the Black Panthers, Oakland
Coalition of Congregations, and union members in a lively, successful operation.

In addition, he helped to develop a Campaign School curriculum that prepared more than 100 activists and
staff for East Bay work in presidential and special elections. He maintained tracking databases and
spreadsheets for voter contact and volunteer accountability. He analyzed vote history and targeted precincts
for outreach efforts. He prepared communications via electronic, print and desktop publishing media.

His direct organizing experience has benefited the Council by expanding relationships with partners and
allies, as well as enforcing a systematic and methodical approach to field operations.

He was a key strategist and organizer on issue campaigns like the San Leandro Living Wage fight, which
took two years – and new faces on the City Council – to bear fruit. He worked with policy consultants to draft
and review language, community residents to host outreach meetings and engage elected leaders, and
union officials to target potential impacts.

He helped to install and maintain a high-tech computerized phone system that automates dialing and
maximizes volunteer efforts. He coordinated phone banks, training volunteers and staff, as well as precinct
walks and election day operations. He staffed endorsement interviews and participated in strategy
discussions for both candidate and initiative campaigns at the state and local level.

Wendall brings strong work habits, solid interpersonal skills and a deep commitment to social justice. I am
confident that he will be successful in any undertaking.

Our social justice movement faces enormous challenges in building coalitions with a serious approach to
electoral strategies. This Labor Council is grateful to have had the benefit of Wendall’s apprenticeship in
political campaigns and we wish him great success as he branches out to bring the right skills, discipline and
methodology to other organizations. It has been a dream of his for some time to bring electoral savvy to a
broader community and we welcome the opportunity to work with him in that capacity in the future.

In unity,

Sharon Cornu
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO

(representing 100,000 members working in the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Hayward, San
Leandro, Union City, Fremont, Dublin, Pleasanton, Castro Valley, and unincorporated areas including San
Ramon and San Lorenzo)